Giving Back



Montessori Choice is a socially active business.

The money we earn as a family business (two adults working and a child inspiring) buys our daily bread, but we know that with money a lot of other important things can be done, many people can be helped to improve their lives, a lot of trees can be planted, a lot of rights can be advocated.


Our world can be better, let's do it together!


Starting on the 4th of March 2020, we will donate from our revenue 1$ for each product you buy.

But we want to let you choose:

at the check-out, you can decide which of the following nonprofit organizations will get our donation.




Montessori Choice giving back to Camino Verde - Ecology - Environment Protection


Camino Verde


Camino Verde is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization dedicated to:

* Protecting and understanding biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon.
* Protecting indigenous rights, autonomy, and wisdom.
* Spreading sustainable ways of life and encouraging fair, sustainable development.

Our mission is to plant trees and encourage others to do the same.




Montessori Choice giving back to Earthrights International - Ecology - Environment Protection


EarthRights International


EarthRights International (ERI) is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization that combines the power of law and the power of people in defense of human rights and the environment, which we define as "earth rights." We specialize in fact-finding, legal actions against perpetrators of earth rights abuses, training grassroots and community leaders, and advocacy campaigns. Through these strategies, we seek to end earth rights abuses, provide real solutions for real people, and promote and protect human rights and the environment in the communities where we work.




Montessori Choice giving back to Free a Girl - Children Rights - fight child prostitution


Free a Girl


Free a Girl is a relief organization that is committed to rescuing young girls from forced prostitution and convicting the offenders. Free a Girl believes that children and young people have the right to grow up in a safe environment and to be protected at all times from all forms of commercial sexual exploitation.





Montessori Choice giving back to Latin American Women's Aid Refuge - Women Rights - Women Refuge - Against domestic violence

Latin American Women's Aid Refuge


Latin American Women's Aid Refuge (LAWA) is a dedicated UK charity led by and for Latin American and other black and ethnic minority women that empowers and supports women and children experiencing domestic violence to start a new life and play a fuller role in the community. We do this by offering emergency accommodation along with a range of services designed to ensure a high quality of service provision. We also provide comprehensive, culturally sensitive, and holistic advice, including family and community outreach work in other areas of London.





Montessori Choice giving back to RefuSHE - refugee communities in East Africa - every young woman deserves opportunity - Women empowerment




RefuSHE is a 501(c)(3) US nonprofit and registered Kenyan charity based in Nairobi, Kenya. We specialize in identifying and protecting separated and orphaned refugee children and youth living in Nairobi. Our innovative shelter, education, and community outreach services enable and empower unaccompanied refugee children, especially adolescent girls, to live healthy lives.





Montessori Choice giving back to The Syria Fund - Refugee crisis - Syrian Refugee in Jordan


The Syria Fund


Our mission is to restore dignity and enrich the lives of Syrian refugees and other vulnerable families by providing critically-needed items and supporting educational programs.

The Syria Fund is a group of volunteers who care deeply about helping Syrian refugees amid this massive, ongoing crisis. We identify individuals that are underserved by large, mainstream aid organizations and provide meaningful contributions to better their lives. We focus on families and creating opportunities for a generation that has none.





Montessori Choice giving back to Women's Refugee Commission, Inc. - mprove the lives and protect the rights of of women, children and youth displaced by conflict and crisis


Women's Refugee Commission, Inc.


Our mission is to improve the lives and protect the rights of women, children, and youth displaced by conflict and crisis. We research their needs, identify solutions, and advocate for programs and policies to strengthen their resilience and drive change in humanitarian practice.