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Welcome to Montessori Choice,


We are Samuele and Berfin, artists, parents, toy lovers, and owners of Montessori Choice. We are a small, independent family business, operating from Westphalia, Germany.

Our goal is to support children's independence and a lifelong love of learning, so we chose the life-enhancing Montessori and Waldorf inspired materials.

Montessori Choice is committed to offering exclusive toys and products for children and families that are ethically produced by artisans from all over the world. We want to support small craftsperson- and especially craftswomanship instead of selling industrial mass products. You will find no product here which is produced under bad conditions or even by children's hands.

You will find only beautiful & authentic handcrafted toys, which are made with love, time, and natural materials.
These quality toys are not disposable. They are built to last; the kind of toys that can be passed on to future generations.


Montessori Choice is a socially active business. Every time you purchase in our store, we donate part of our revenues. You can learn more on the Giving Back page.


Would you like to earn some money while supporting our virtuous circle? Join our Ambassadors Program!




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Office Address: Asbeckweg 81, 48161 Münster, NRW Germany

VAT: DE329058681



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