Montessori Choice´s Virtuous Circle

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Since we started the adventure we were asking ourselves what can we do to create a positive movement throughout our shop? We want to go with you in the direction of a better World.
How can we do this?

Our answer is: being responsible and empathic at each level of the business.

The source.

Our Mother Earth deserves our unconditional love and respect. That´s why we offer only eco-friendly and environmentally safe products.

The makers.

We chose to support small craftsperson- and especially craftswomanship instead of selling industrial mass products. Toys that are ethically produced by known hands.

The ambassadors.

Some people love what we are doing and like to share it in their Instagram accounts or in their blogs. They are mostly SAHMs and engaged parents. We want to reward their effort offering them a commission for every successful referral.
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The children and their families.

You deserve the best: products that are safe and handcrafted with love. The possibility to use your money for unique products made to last.
And you deserve all our attention: our doors are open, our ears are open, our hearts are open, to you.

Giving back.

The money we earn as a family business buys our daily bread, but we know that with money a lot of other important things can be done, many people can be helped to improve their lives, a lot of trees can be planted, a lot of rights can be advocated. That´s why we donate a part of each order´s revenue. You can learn more about the seven nonprofit organizations we support on the giving back page.

Our virtuous circle is complete!




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