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The Nature Table is an inspiring learning center for sensory play, nature study and imaginative play.


You can decorate it with any items found in nature, educational books, toys and art craft, which represent a nature theme, or reflect the seasonal changes.


Your Montessori nature table can be changed and your children can feel free to touch everything and to discover every detail.

Instead of a table you can choose a tray, shelf or a corner.


Your children will connect with the objects and understand the natural world better.

You can have a walk with your children in the forest and collect together items from the nature. But nature is everywhere, also in the city streets!


A nature table can be minimalistic or very messy if your children are adding more and more items!




We were incredibly happy when we did discover the nature table. It was a great possibility to bring a bit of nature into our home.


My daughter and me had a lot of fun searching nature materials in the wood – our huge playground that induces mindfulness, encouragement and serenity in our family.

"I'm a rabbit"


The garden is her independent working field, with always new micro-worlds to discover.


The installation brings joy to my daughter. It's nice to see how responsible she's feeling for the nature table. She is often recreating the composition and talking about it. This is definitely an ongoing-project.


The nature table is a very useful learning center because my daughter can connect with the objects and understand better the natural world.

It involves also sensory play when she is touching and feeling the different textures and weight of the objects.

The beautiful leaves and stones invite her to discover every detail.

And the nature books are bringing her deeper in the knowledge of reality while answering the tons of questions she has.


A really inspiring and creative corner is blooming in my daughter room. She likes to involve peg dolls and animal figures to tell her own stories. With fairies and sky horses, our nature table/tray is easily getting magical and fantastic.


Some ideas for a nature table:


-natural materials (sticks, leaves, flowers)

-animal figures

-peg figures

-nature books

-bug viewer

-discovery windows

-a poem (from a book or your imagination)

-seasonal toys


Have you and your kid already done a Nature Table? Please share your experience with us in the comments!

Do you have questions? Just write them in the comments!

And have a great parenting travel!

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